Communicating through times of crisis

Crises are inevitable, it’s how you manage them that matters. Even during times of crisis businesses will continue to operate. There will be transactions, insolvencies/bankruptcies, financial reporting, and material events that must be disclosed and communicated to stakeholders.

Corporate reputations take years to build and can be destroyed in an instant. During this time, it will be even more important to strike the right tone and ensure you are communicating your message effectively. People and markets will be on edge as events unfold and you need to ensure you get your message to the right people.

What companies should be asking themselves

  • Do you have the right process in place to act quickly and communicate during a crisis?
  • Is there positive news/earnings to share, how do we do so in a manner that is respectful to current worldwide events?
  • If we have challenging news to share, how do we impress the importance of it during a time when other matters may seem trivial?
  • There is a lot of noise in the media and our stakeholders could be distracted. How can we best craft our message and make sure it reaches the people that matter most?

How we can help

Our coast-to-coast team of experts is ready to help you respond to potential challenges associated with COVID-19.