Private equity real estate and COVID-19: A conversation with Dan Argiros

Join National Capital Markets for an exclusive virtual event as part of our Market Movers series, featuring Dan Argiros, a leading investor in Toronto area private equity real estate, as he discusses the future of what was one of the fastest growing sectors pre-COVID-19.

In November, Mr. Argiros made headlines when he sold a package of Toronto area apartment buildings to Starlight Investments for $1.7 billion. A serial investor who has built some $5 billion in historical transaction value through the acquisition, management and sale of various real estate assets, Mr. Argiros was raising another $500-million round of financing when COVID hit.

The question for many is what happens to one of the hottest investment sectors in a COVID world? A sector that was highly sought after for its consistent distributions may offer less certainty in an age of rent relief, social distancing and remote work. Register for the webinar today to hear from Mr. Argiros on what the future holds.

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