Sharing your CSR initiatives

While COVID-19 will have a negative effect on many Canadians, businesses and the economy, there will be some businesses that will find opportunities to adapt, step up and help their people and communities get through this challenging time.

What companies should be asking themselves

  • How can we help our community? What contributions can we make, financially or otherwise?
  • Can our business operations be used for alternative purposes to help combat COVID-19?
  • How can I reposition and share our value proposition with our community and potential customers?
  • Can our executives be thought leaders during this time – offering advice, counsel, and insights on what is happening in our industry or how we can be resilient across the wider economy?

How we can help

We are all in this together and businesses can really step up and help combat COVID-19. We can help you identify corporate social responsibility opportunities and reposition your value statement for employees, customers, and stakeholders. Our team can also help you better understand the needs of provincial and federal governments and how your business might be able to contribute to the wider efforts.